Why Trump won the presidential election

Why Trump won the presidential election?

By Hossein Imani Jajarmi (imanijajarmi@ut.ac.ir)

The Head of ISRS

Many people in U.S and other countries throughout the world now are confusing and wondering why Trump could win the election? It seems there are some reasons for his triumph:

1. Democrat party had the power for eight years and didn’t have new idea and policy for American and the World problems and crisis. The ordinary people got rid of the party and its famous figures.

2. The party system has not the previous power and one of its reasons is the decline of social capital and associational life in U.S. An important shift that  Robert Putnam wrote about it in his book “Bowling Alone” in 2000.

3. Trump showed an anti-system figure during the election campaign and criticized traditional democrats and republicans. His position was very similar to Ahmadinejad in 2005 presidential election in Iran. He has not clear political record and was not responsible for previous mistakes and failures.

4. Trump accounted the American conservative white people who live in rural areas and small cities in his campaign. They are not interested to politics normally but Trump could frighten them by issues such as foreign immigrants, homosexuals, unemployment and could encourage them for voting to him.

5. The Trump’s position had become more powerful by radical Islamism and terrorist attack in U.S soil during the previous months. It produced the fear of foreigners, the thing that Trump accounted it.

6. Trump insisted on inward industrialization and supporting domestic production and this position means hope and employment for low income groups who been weaken by economic crisis during the past years.

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