A special meeting was held on the the dissemination and consolidation of Iranian mobile networks

A special meeting on the topic of dissemination and consolidation of Iranian mobile social networks was held ,on26 june2018, at the Institute for Studies and Social Research of the Tehran University.

At this scientific meeting, Mrs. Abdolvand, a senior science communications scientist, presented her research results and highlighted the practical ways for dissemination and consolidating mobile social networks. Emphasizing the public confidence in the security and protection of personal information and privacy of users, the same as development of media literacy, culture building and the creation of informative and promotional programs, she pointed out that as long as various and attractive mobile services with high tech features exsist ,it is hard working to persuade and encourage users to use internal social networks.
Referring to the weaknesses of domestic mobile social networking sites, such as the lack of trust in users ‘personal information protection, low technical quality and low data exchange rates, she He added that foreign networks, especially telegrams, are more likely to be considered as a response to the needs of Iranian users.
Considering the importance of communications technology and the expansion of the use of native mobile messaging, Abdolvand further emphasized that if it is expected that domestic mobile social networks grow and be used , there is a need for media directors and related institutions to have a strong strategy to take practical decisions to overcome the barriers and problems, including increasing the security of information, and to provide the necessary infrastructure to address the needs of the community and users in using the internal messenger.
At the end of the meeting, Mrs. Abdolvand and Dr. Fature Chi, director of the Department of Media and Culture of the Institute and the secretary of the meeting, answered the questions of the presenters.

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