Report on holding a specialized session about Future Studies for Individuals in order to do personal foresight

Report on holding a specialized session about Future Studies for Individuals in order to do personal foresight

⏰ 8/9 January 2019
? Institute of Social Studies and Research of Tehran University.

At this session, with the presence of honorable faculty members of the various centers of the country, futurists and other interested in long-term changes, at first Dr. Faturehchi, the director of the Media and Culture Department, While introducing a brief overview of the history and activities of the Institute and the importance of the new field of futures studies, in order to promote this field of study and development of literature and relevant concepts and to meet the needs of scholars, a series of meetings and workshops have been held since 1994 In order to educate and identify people to conduct field research and documentation in line with his mission. And then, Dr. Ahmad Mehdeyan, Ph.D. in futures studies, after definition the foresight as an interdisciplinary field of study, described the importance and the scientific process of futures studies for individuals in order to help each individual in society to achieve long-term success with the goal of building a desirable and sustainable society.

Dr. Ahmad, futurist, at the meeting, with introducing many examples of closed and open-minded perspectives, and with describing the scientific process of foresight for companies and governments, poses the most important challenge to individual futures research on how to apply and adapt these methods at the individual level. He emphasized that all people should pay attention to their future and avoid short term view, then Dr Ahmad demonstrated how to behave like futurists at the individual level.

Identifying the need for change will be the first step to make a different future that requires a long-term perspective and avoiding short term view.
To succeed, we need to imagine more than ten or twenty years later, then our past dreams and ideas can shape our vision and hope in today and make the reality of our future.
Our decisions about the future depend on our mental map of the cosmic structure of time. If we see the future we want, then we can make it now.

Dr. Ahmad, futurist, following introducing the algorithm of the process of personal foresight, demonstrated that based on trends and identifying personal turning points by applying creativity and causal layered analysis, how alternative scenarios for achieving the outlined vision in different situations can be used, and then, using back-casting method, how we can plan step-by-step from the present to the future.

In the attached video, you can see some views of participants and a bit more of this session, which has been held repeatedly on 8 and 9, January 2019.

Because the time of this meeting was limited to introducing and answering questions for the personal foresight, interested people can then declare their readiness to participate in a one-day workshop about the futures studies for individuals by sending 97108 and receiving other programs of futures studies group by sending 1404 via SMS to +989123437916 in order to practice the process.

To view the 30 min video report, please refer to this link;

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