Report of the holding of the specialty workshop in Future Studies on the Public Relations

Report of the holding of the specialty workshop in Future Studies on the Public Relations

⏰ October 9, 2018
? Institute of Social Studies and Research of Tehran University.

In this meeting, with the participation of PR executives, future scholars and other interested parties in the workshop, Dr. Faturehchi, the director of the Media and Culture Department, explained the public relations challenges in the country, and explained the emergence of the future oriented public relations.

Then, Dr. Ahmad Mehdeyan, as the lecturer of the specialty workshop in Futures Studies on the Public Relations, mapped the roadmap for the foresight of public relations and continued with the definition of futures studies and introduced the ontological algorithm of the intuition of the future scenario / narrative ideas, and by cross impact analyzing of the global mega trends which affecting the public relations industry, Dr. Ahmad, futurist, tried to highlight the future scenarios of the Public relations. According to the results of this workshop:

Nowadays within the uncertain complex environments, organizations of all kinds require public relations (PR) to ensure that they have a good reputation.
Although, PR concern the total communication of any organization and it is not a form of advertising, nor is it limited to marketing, but over the last decade, as the Internet evolved and opened unlimited business channels, the PR industry has become data oriented and is accompanied with the strategic public relations intelligence tools.
Today PR is affected by social transformations, so it has to manage good dialogic communication with the clients and even its employees via storytelling in order to keep ethical confidences.
Findings show that the use of social media in PR practice is continuing to increase each year. As the global nervous system of humanity is on the road to completion, 52% of the world—over 3.8 billion people—are now connected to the Internet.

Dr. Ahmad, futurist, further developed a four-dimensional scenario matrix based on time-domain then with internal scans of the public relations industry and analysis of global mega trends, including the acceleration of communication and social change, he investigated four possible scenarios facing the public relations industry. .

Our decisions about the future depend on our mental map of the cosmic structure of time. If we see the future we want, then we can make it now.

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